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A-Star Cricket wants to help you make an informed decision about whether buying into a franchise model is right for you. After all, it’s a significant decision and there should be no secrets about what franchising is and what it entails.

Franchising is effectively being granted permission by a business to use their trademark in selling a similar product or providing a similar service. Since you will be representing a pre- existing brand, a prospective franchisee will need to showcase a credibility and competence

that would enable them to successfully develop the original business. In most cases, the franchisee pays a fee upfront plus a continuous ‘royalty’, e.g. a percentage of sales revenue. In return, you (should!) get a lot of help setting up and running the business, and benefit from the use of established professional networks and advertising materials.

There are many other benefits of franchising. Read on for A-Star Cricket’s three key benefits that we commit to as franchisors. These are not necessarily true of all franchises but are common traits amongst reputable ones.

The Benefits of Being a Franchise

Lower failure rate

You are buying into an established concept that has a proven record of success. Statistics show that franchises stand a much better chance of survival than people who start independent businesses. 20-30% of independent businesses make it past the first few critical years whereas franchises have an 80% chance of surviving. Once you’ve survived this earliest stage, the potential for rapid growth is great.

Help with Start Up and Beyond

Because we have an interest in ensuring your business is a success, you will get  lots of support in starting and running it. Franchises are sometimes referred to as “turnkey operations” as you will be put at the helm of a ship that is already moving  forward. In practice, this means you get all of the necessary equipment, supplies and training required to start the business. You also get support with management, marketing and growth plans.

Buying Power, Brand Equity & Reputation

Your franchise will benefit from the collective buying power of A-Star Cricket as we can afford to buy in bulk and pass the savings on to you. Branding, logos and advertising are already in place so there is no need to spend significant money. You will also enjoy the protected reputation of A-Star Cricket and buy-into an organisation with an established customer base.

What should you look for in a franchisor?

Experience in your market – If the franchisor has solid and relevant experience, they will likely have already had experience in dealing with any issue you might encounter, and will be able to help you avoid some of the pitfalls associated with setting up your own business. A-Star Cricket is a successful franchisor with many years of experience offering established and proven franchising opportunities.

They’ve run a successful pilot – if they have not, then how can they reasonably expect you to be able to so? A good franchisor should also be comfortable letting you get in touch with any of their existing franchisees so that you can speak to people who were once in your position. A-Star Cricket has many happy franchisees on its roster who would be happy to talk about their experiences.

Transparent about their track record – Most franchise networks have the odd franchise, which, for whatever reason, doesn’t quite work out. Franchisors should be prepared to share this information with you, with details as to why. Be wary of franchisors that provide you with an incomprehensive list of all franchisees. A-Star Cricket would be happy to talk about our journey to becoming the successful franchisor we are today.

If you're interested in setting up an A-Star Cricket franchise, read about what our franchise opportunities entail and if you;re a good fit for the role.


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