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As soon as your A-Star Cricket bat leaves our workshop, it will be subject to the wear and tear of cricket games and practice.

Willow is by its very nature, a soft wood that, when pressed, provides the rebound qualities required to strike the ball. Wood is a natural product, which can only take so much stress and strain.

The life span of a bat should be measured by how much ball impact it sustains, not the length of time you own it, the customer who uses a bat seven days a week should expect it to break seven times quicker than that of the customer who uses it once.

Our warranty is honoured against the workmanship and material for a period of 1 year from date of purchase. Depending on the cause, not all damage will automatically be covered by this warranty; Some common causes of serious bat damage which are not covered by the warranty:

  • Split toe caused by digging out a Yorker
  • High impact damage to the edges
  • Use of low quality balls (very hard balls with high seams resulting in excessive point impact damage)
  • Water damage (possibly caused by tapping the bat repeatedly on wet ground)

On every return, our experienced staff will assess the damage and its cause and advise on the most appropriate course of action.

If you feel you have a genuine warranty claim please send images of the damage to info@astarcricket.co.uk We will then advise on further action.

On your email please include your proof of purchase, A-Star Cricket purchase reference and contact details. Please note that we do not pay any inward or outward postage costs, return carriage is charged at cost, payment can be made when we contact you to confirm receipt.

All bats returned are assessed carefully by our master podshaver who is involved in making of every A-Star Cricket Bat. This ensures that assessments are made by someone who knows and understands the product. This also ensures that any repair work is of the highest quality.

When assessing your bat we will take into account:

  • the age of the bat
  • the nature of the damage
  • its condition
  • how it has been maintained

    All of our bats come with a 12 month warranty. Where a bat has sustained extreme damage inflicted by the player, and there is no material flaw in the bat or the timber, repair work will be chargeable.

    We manufacture the bats very carefully to provide the highest levels of performance and durability, but we are dependent on you the owner and player to continue our work by preparing, protecting and maintaining.