Welcome to A-Star Cricket

Welcome to A-Star Cricket

Welcome to A-Star Cricket

Welcome to A-Star Cricket

Innovative Cricket Training & Education Academy

A-Star Cricket caters for youth cricketers looking to improve their technique and confidence in cricket matches. We run four distinct, focussed cricket training programs around Kent and London for kids aged 5 to 18. They run all-year round and players can join at any time.

Our cricket training is innovative, energetic and reflects modern trends in coaching from global sports. This facilitates the development of cricketing kids into confident and well- balanced athletes. A-Star Cricket training sessions all use high-quality coaching equipment to aid the progression of both the kids taking part and the coaches themselves.

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Providing the very best coaching and playing equipment to enhance your coaching and improve player experience

A-Star Cricket Training Methodology

Each cricket training session for kids delivers the performance building blocks, which develop children in their cricket performance as well as transferable sports skills that will be useful in all aspects of life. They each help develop positive, sustainable habits towards practice and performance, and include:

  • Movement & Power

    Using activation exercises and drills to enhance players movement and power

  • Match Craft

    Incorporating match scenarious into coaching drills to prepare players for match day

  • Technique Development

    Focussing on the technical aspects of cricket in everything we deliver

  • Bat & Ball Command

    Building player confidence to dominate on the cricket field whilst having fun

Specialist Cricket Academy Programs

Mini Stars

 a weekly program aimed at children aged 5 to 7, teaching basic skills for team
sport in a fun and creative environment.

Performance Academy

aimed at cricketers aged 8 to 16 with an insatiable
appetite for self-improvement on the cricket field. The Performance Academy is designed to
help children with their technique and improve their all-round game. Our training will add
value to existing coaching players receive at their club with an aim to support players in their
journey to reach the next level in performance.

Hard Hitting

a cricket training program aimed at 15 to 18 year-olds consisting of 8 weekly
workshops, combining strength and conditioning with technique development. The focus is
on hitting more boundaries into more areas of the field.

Fast Bowling

aimed at cricketers aged 15 to 18 consisting of 8 weekly workshops. The
focus of our Fast Bowling program is to develop a player strength and conditioning to aid their
technique with an end goal of faster bowling and greater variation.

What People Are Saying

"A Star Cricket coaching has given Harry a great deal of confidence in his match day cricket as well as helping him to deal with his nerves ahead of matches, ensuring he is mentally prepared to play, by being confident in his ability.  The techniques used in the A-Star Cricket coaching can be directly applied to game situations, which can be seen in Harry's improvement in game performances"

"A-Star Cricket has helped me to develop as a coach,  it has taught me great coaching techniques and has given me structure to my coaching sessions. Best of all, the players I coach are developing into seriously good cricketers"

Be part of the team: run an A-Star Cricket Academy

Run an A-Star Cricket Academy and access support and materials to help you to establish and grow a successful cricket academy

  • Run an A-Star Cricket Franchise

    A-Star Cricket are looking for enthusiastic, sports passionate people to join as franchisees.

    This is a great opportunity to have the independence of running your own business whilst also helping to develop young people into the cricketing stars of tomorrow!

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  • Why Franchising

    To help you make an informed decision about whether running an A-Star Cricket franchise is right for you we breakdown the key benefits and advantages of franchising over starting a business completely from scratch.

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  • Why Choose A-Star Cricket?

    A-Star Cricket’s franchise opportunity is different from a traditional franchise model. We place a strong emphasis on innovation and learning lessons from other sports’ coaching techniques. Inspired by rigorous research, A-Star Cricket is about enhancing performance and technique rather than teaching the basics of cricket.

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  • Are You a Good Fit?

    To confirm, you don’t need to have a background or expertise in cricket. Most important is a willingness to learn and constantly improve your coaching in line with sporting innovations.

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